I’ve been creating and publishing on the Internet for a while now, in so many different places and platforms! Links will open in new tabs.

Some of the content and links on this website are not appropriate for minors or to view in public spaces; please consume with discretion.


Bandcamp merrickmonroe – give my profile a follow to keep up on my musical interests!

Twitch.tv @merrickmonroe – Mostly game streaming

Letterboxd – An infrequently-but-thoroughly updated log of movies I watch, maybe sometimes with a bit of a reivew

Tumblr @returntonothing – my personal “aesthetic” Tumblr, not to be taken seriously [INACTIVE]


Bluesky @merrickmonroe.bsky.social – a mix of selfies, content promotion, inane life updates, and links to miscellanous activities online

Instagram @merrickmonroe – my personal pics and selfies, “safer” modeling photos, life adventures, pets, and memes

Joystick.tv @merrickmonroe – Mostly game streaming but might sometimes have boobs!


X/Twitter @merrickaftrdark – miscellaneous promos and announcements for my work and content

RedGifs @merrickmonroe – promo photos and video clips/gifs of my content

Fansly @merrickmonroe – Free to follow but the fun starts once you subscribe! This is the best place to tailor your experience and access a ton of great content every day, or unlock only the posts that stand out to you!

OnlyFans @merrickmonroe – my longest-running fan club! Casual and pro pics posted every day, occasional clips and gifs, additional content and videos available PPV/a la carte. The only place I offer customs!

OnlyFans VIP @merrickmonroeVIP – Upgrade your experience for full videos and all my naughtiest photos right on the wall! VIP subs get discounted custom rates.

SextPanther with Merrick Monroe – find me Online for friendly GFE chatting and casual text hookups, or book an appointment for some dedicated hot and heavy sexting and pic swapping.

ManyVids MerrickMonroe – buy single videos or subscribe to get all my newest video content!

Tumblr @merrickafterdark – miscellaneous modeling photos and promotions plus tons of saucy inspo, nsfw but in a lighthearted way [INACTIVE]


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I have Telegram and Discord available for more direct communication with established peers and clients. If we have not previously communicated in some capacity, please use this contact form to ask about finding me on these channels.