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Self-booking model available for paid shoots and limited travel, working primarily in alt lifestyle, cosplay, fashion, boudoir, and select fetish content

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My photography leans cinematic, playing with available light, composition, and colour to tell your story and create a world in one image

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Merrick Monroe is an online model, digital content creator, photographer, entrepreneur, PC gamer and streamer, and overall very cool though moderately introverted autistic person. She’s been active in online spaces for the better part of her life–same goes for creative visual arts spaces–and thrives on gathering new knowledge and making insightful connections along the way.

Some of the content and links on this website are not appropriate for minors or public spaces; please interact with discretion.

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Writing, new media releases, and various updates

Blogging for my Health: Burnout, Recovery, and OnlyFans

Reflecting on my experience with work and life burnout, and my efforts to manage it while running an OnlyFans page. From the moments that led to revising my content strategies to finding new approaches to engage my audience, I now return to blogging as a step toward overcoming that burnout and reigniting my creative spark (but really, it's a return to my digital origins).