Merrick Monroe is a neurodivergent polymath who would rather learn from real-world experience than formal education. She never avoids a challenge and works/dabbles in almost any creative field she can find the time for… You may know her best as a photographer, but she is also an experienced curator of fine arts spaces, and has helped organize small arts & culture festivals and run support roles at huge conventions. She’s also managed award-winning retail businesses and run booths at artists markets and comic cons alike.

A coolhunter by instinct, Merrick loves to push her comfort zone to include new formats, methods, and foci, making new connections between seemingly dissonant concepts to bring about innovation and novelty.

With a personal style somewhere between art school drop-out (accurate) and Cenobyte (maybe someday), Merrick thrives on colour yet wears all black. She is a nerd, a dork, a pervert and a hedonist. This is a person who has no idea what she is doing half the time and rather likes it that way; she feels it keeps her honest. “Professional” could apply but she’d rather not.

Merrick was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and moved to the Portland area in 2006. If she could she’d run her own retail store (selling cool girl shit like leather jackets, used books, secondhand vinyl, and hot coffee), and have a never-ending supply of ingredients for DIY smoothies and nondairy yogurt bowls. When she’s not maintaining her fan sites or managing her other business, SWRolodex, you can find Merrick maintaining her various collections of things (comics, music, plants…), drinking coffee, sweating it out in either a dance club or a gym, and being chronically ill AND chronically introverted yet still awesome.

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