Interested in working with me as a model, or do you have a creative project in mind and need a photographer? Need someone safe and familiar with your niche content to shoot some promo video or a scene? Rates and availability below are current as of May 2024; these are examples/starting points and may need to be adjusted depending on scope of the project or to cover additional fees (beauty services, costuming, renting equipment or space, custom set design, etc.).

Please make sure you are familiar with my modeling portfolio or photography portfolio before messaging me about working together.


When contacting me with your concept, make sure to include a portfolio of past work and/or social media links. I prefer to work with photographers who will provide a shoot/media contract at the time of booking confirmation. Reduced rates are available for photographers interested in shared licensing of any media produced, IF it is a project I would like to add to my body of work.

I am not accepting modeling bookings for explicit content or “collabs”.

Travel Availability

I am happy to offer extremely accessible rates to photographers outside of Portland, Oregon. Please reach out about your project and location; plan to compensate at least for cost of travel and one night of hotel accommodations at the time of booking.

Live Events

I have experience working live events as a go-go dancer, hospitality/hostess, live reference/nude art model, and in-character background (casual LARP). If you are looking to add some flourish to your live event by bringing in someone who will make others feel welcome and excited, please contact me with your event description, dates, and proposed compensation.

Are you a small brand looking for User-Generated Content (UGC)?

The majority of my work is self-shot and produced fully in-house. I would love to pair with more independent brands to create photography and video content for your website, print campaigns, and social media. Please contact me with your pitch and proposed budget!

Photography and Video Production

You’re familiar with the want to work together? Awesome! Let’s get into it. Sex workers, BIPOC, and queer creators are welcome to contact me about working within your budget.

All photography packages include standard image refinement and editing, optimization for screen or print, and basic beauty retouching (which is not necessary if you don’t want it!). The number of images, videos, or clips you receive will vary depending on the project’s discussed needs, but I’m unlikely to limit you to an arbitrary number. I’ll edit what’s good!! A phone, video, or text consultation is required before the shoot to confirm goals and boundaries for our work together, discuss plans to use/distribute the media, and review timelines. A contract summarizing the above agreements will be provided day-of.

Location will need to be provided by client or otherwise discussed beforehand. Portland has many studio rentals available via sites like Peerspace, usually priced in the range of $50-150/hour. When planning to shoot in a rented studio space, it is best to plan for 2 hours rental time to accommodate tech/lighting set-up and post-shoot teardown and cleanup. Please note that I do not drive and cannot provide my own transport to locations outside the city.

Most clients receive previews of edited images or video before work is delivered, to confirm that we are aligning creatively. I am always excited to dig into editing work as soon as possible! Please trust that I will communicate about the work as updates are available. An estimated turnaround time will be given before shooting if a deadline is not required.